Yaz Odasi No 1

Aydınlı Cave Hotel Room Yaz Odasi No 1
The Yaz Odası or “Summer House” is the smallest of the fourteen rooms. The room was mostly used in the summer time where the Demirci family slept. It is an arched stone room at the entrance of the courtyard, with fairy chimney views. The Yaz Odasi takes full advance of the natural light and has an open, airy feel.

Mustafa Demirci was born in this room.

Yaz Odası has twin beds, shower and original wall carvings.
70 Euros per night for 2 people

The room is equipped:

        • TV
        • Shower
        • WC
        • Wardrobe
        • Towel Set
        • Slippers
        • Wifi
        • Hair dryer
        • Telephone
        • Central heating
        • Tea – Coffee Set
        • Safe Box
        • Air Conditioning
        • Room Ceiling hight 3,40